Your Premarital Preparation Course in 3 Steps

  1. Pay $19.95 for course downloads in your browser and you will also receive an email containing the course link
  2. Spend 4 hours on the course and then submit your Verification Form (No test)
  3. Take your Certificate of Completion to the courthouse to wave the 3 day waiting period and recieve your $25.00 discount.

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Florida Premarital Preparation Course

Best Price: $19.95

  • Video based - No Test
  • Works on all modalities
  • INSTANT Certificate
  • Only: $19.95/couple
  • Discount on marriage license
  • Approved in all Florida counties
  • 100% GUARANTEED!

Summary Value


  • Discount on Marriage License worth of $25.00
  • Bonus Name Change Kit worth $25.95

We are registered Premarital Preparation Course
Providers in all 67 counties in the state of Florida.

To waive the 3-day waiting period and receive your $25.00 marriage license discount it is necessary that you take your premarital counseling from a registered premarital provider. Not all premarital course providers are accepted in every county but don’t worry we are approved within every county. Select the county name to see credentials.

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Questions about the Florida Online Premarital Course

How long will it take for me to get my Certificate of Completion?

You will receive your Certificate of Completion instantly after submitting your verification form. No need to wait – 24 hours a day delivery. Print out the certificate and then take it with you to the courthouse to waive the 3-day waiting period.

How long does the Florida premarital course take?

Florida statutes mandate that you spend at least 4 hours of marriage preparation to qualify for your Certificate of Completion. You are required to receive education on: finances, communication, conflict resolution and parenting.

Do we both have to pay for the premarital preparation course?

No, the payment covers the both of you. Also, if you are Florida residents you will receive a $25.00 discount off the cost of the marriage license.

How long will the Certificate of Completion be valid?

It is good for one year from the date it is issued.

Is your online premarital course accepted in Florida?

Yes, we are recognized as registered premarital course providers in all 67 counties in the state of Florida. On this same web page, you can check the PDF copies of our “course provider” forms to verify that we are registered with your county.

How do we pay for the online premarital course?

We presently use PayPal to process all payments. PayPal also accepts credit cards so it is not necessary for you to have a PayPal account to use the system.

Can I take the pre-marital course over a time span of days, weeks or months?

Yes, once you receive the marriage preparation course you should save it to your computer. This way, you can refer to it repeatedly as your time schedule allows.

How does my partner and I take the premarital preparation course if we are in a long-distance relationship?

After making payment for the pre-marital course you should save it to computer. Then, you can send it to your partner. Any discussion that’s required for the marriage preparation course can be done via Skype or phone.